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The car service and repair industry is part of the secondary market of the automotive industry known as the automotive aftermarket.

The automotive aftermarket includes service centres specialising in minor and major servicing of vehicles, aftermarket parts, panel beating and spray painting (autobody services) and anything that caters to the automotive industry once manufacturing, assembly and purchase of a vehicle is complete.

Service, Fitment & Repair

The Oink Midrand Car Service Network provides comprehensive info relating to the servicing and repair of vehicles in the city of Midrand in the Gauteng province of South Africa specifically. These include:

  • Auto Body Services (panel beating, spray painting and major and minor structural repairs)
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Mechanical
  • Brake & Clutch
  • Custom Vehicles & Services
  • Sound & Security
  • Spare Parts & Scrap Yards
  • Wheel & Tyre

Mechanical Repairs

The Oink Midrand Car Service Network provides mechanical repair categories to ensure easier and quicker access to information relative to the repair of particular mechanical functions of vehicles and the services provided by auto mechanics in the Midrand area.

Listed mechanical repair workshops include general repair and specialist services. These range from brake and clutch, drivetrain, propshaft and transmission to exhaust systems, constant velocity joint (cv joint), auto electrical and engine repair.

Find a Workshop

Find a car service and repair workshop in Midrand, South Africa. Select your required automotive category, request a quote, get travel directions and browse for car service centres, auto parts suppliers, dealerships and aftermarket companies active in the automotive industry in Midrand.

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Panel & Spray

The Oink Midrand Car Service Network Panel & Spray section is relative to the panel beating and spray painting industry in Midrand